Swingmatism "Americana Swing"

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Luna Records
Swingmatism plays a blend of swing jazz standards, western swing and jump blues. Swing jazz standards are classics from the American Songbook, those that grace the repertoires of many jazz singers. Western swing (sometimes called "hillbilly jazz") emanates from the American Southwest and combines big band jazz, blues, country and cowboy/western tunes and was popularized by artists like Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys, Spade Cooley and Merle Travis. Jump blues is a style of jazzy, swinging blues popularized by Count Basie, Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner. All these styles share one thing in common: swinging rhythms that are perfect for dancing.
About the Band
Swingmatism was formed in early 2015. Original members included guitarist/vocalist Eric Madis, mandolinist Pete Martin, violinist Paul Anastasio, bassist Greg Glassman and drummer Don Berman. Paul Anastasio relocated to Louisiana later that year and was replaced by violinist Paul Elliott. Paul Elliott, a permanent member of the Sons of the Pioneers, is replaced on occasion by violinist Julian Smedley. Often Swingmatism is joined by pianist Gregg Robinson. Swingmatism alumnus include steel guitarist/vocalist Orville Johnson, steel guitarist Bob Knetzger and violinist/vocalist Kat Bula, drummers Will Dowd and Mark Jehlsing.
Swingmatism in 2015 - Eric Madis, Greg Glassman, Don Berman, Pete Martin, Paul Anastasio.
Swingmatism's Sound Cloud Page (Recordings)
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