Luna Records
The Dues Will Never Be Paid in Full LN-1006 jazzy, rocking electric blues with several acoustic tunes
Songs Something Time Can't Take Away, How Long Blues, North Wes, Misunderstood Blues, Don't Go No Further, Looking for a Place to Go, In the New Dawn's Pale Light, Pitchin' Pennies, Back in Your Arms Again, Last of the Minor's Run, You Know My Love, Glory Glory.
"Lovely modern blues playing linked back to the tradition....Madis delivers all the way." -- Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

"...great, effortless guitar the slide work" -- JW McClure, Victory Review
" ...few in town can rival Eric's tone on guitar..his vocals are clear, emotive and vibrant..goes from deep blues to quite jazzy, showing tremendous versatility on acoustic and electric guitar...Very highly recommended." -- Malcolm Kennedy, Washington Blues Society
Wood, Wires & Bone LN-1005
original acoustic guitar instrumentals
Songs Travis Sensei, 8:15 to Bloomington, North Wes, Tutonian Rag, Aspire to Inspire, Swimming in the Sound, Third Step, La'Ela'E, Swimming in the Duwamish, Blue Vagabond, Gift of Gab, Alika's Mele.
"on Wood, Wires and Bone, (Madis) offers up a tasty dozen original instrumental compositions that showcase his superb compositional skills and guitar chops through a wide range of genres and techniques...Overall, I'd rate this one of the most enjoyable new guitar instrumental albums I've heard in a long while. -- Mike Buchman, Victory Review
This CD is out of print. Some tunes were re-released on Wood,Wires & Bone.
Third Step
Third Step, Swimming in the Sound, Dischord, Travis Sensei, In the New Dawn's Pale Light, Jelly Jelly, Stole Rider Blues, I'm Ready, Summertime, Help Me, Georgia on My Mind, Topsy
"...deeper than your average blues album...a mosaic of jazz, folk and of the freshest NW records to come out this year...a blend of original material and thoughtful covers, it seems that there is nothing this guitar whiz can't play."
-- Tony Englehardt, Blues On Stage
" If you are a fan of blues, folk and jazz, this CD will be an excellent addition to your collection. It is well recorded with a nice variety of traditional and original tunes." -- Julie Powers, Washington Blues Society Bluesletter
Traveling Light LN-1003 This CD is out of print. Some tunes were re-released on Wood, Wires & Bone.
North Wes, Aspire to Inspire, Way Down Upon My Knees, Swimming in the Duwamish, I'm Leavin' Town, La'Ela'E, Cold Hearted Woman, Milk Cow Blues, Sent for You Yesterday, Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby, Brownskin Woman Blues, I Left My Baby, Shotgun Blues.
"Smooth, rocking blues from an immensely talented Seattle guitarist/singer/songwriter......sweet stuff through and through." -- Jim Kelton, Blues to-do Monthly
"a mellow, warm set of jazz-blues from early historical to original...Very well done." ...Chris Lunn, Victory Review
" a tribute to the beautiful sound of acoustic and electric guitar..(Madis) really knows how to produce great music."
-- Rod Downing, Washington Blues Society
" a very accomplished guitarist, his abilities cut effortlessly across a number of genres...some smooth, pleasant music that will reach out and dazzle you with virtuosity." -- Mark Dalton, Caldonia's Northwest Blues Pages
LN-1001 This cassette is out of print. Most of the tunes have been released on other CDs.
Nine Shades of Blue
In the New Dawn's Pale Light, Back in Your Arms Again, Last of the Minor's Run, Pitchin' Pennies,Tutonian Rag,
Is it a Dream for Us Now, Gift of Gab, Until Your Eyes Met Mine, You Know My Love.
Nominated for Best Blues Recording of 1991 by NAMA and the Washington Blues Society, and featured in the 1991-1992 Northwest Folklife Catalog.
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